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Day 194: My musical happy place.

I talked recently about how my musical happy place has shifted. I now find myself listening to more edmand classical music. For anyone interested in exactly what I’m listening to, I’ve decided to list out some of the songs I’ve had on repeat.

  • The Four Seasons — Vivaldi
  • Caprice No. 2 — Niccolo Paganini
  • Moonlight Sonata — Beethoven
  • Requiem: Lacrimosa — Mozart
  • One — Swedish House Mafia
  • Greyhound — Swedish House Mafia
  • Feel So Close (Benny Benassi Remix) — Calvin Harris
  • I Remember — deadmau5, Kaskade
  • Contact — Daft Punk
  • Harder Better Faster Stronger — Daft Punk
  • 4am — Kaskade
  • Kaskade’s Spotify Mini Mix — Kaskade, Mindy Gledhill

That’s just the short list of songs. One day I’ll make a coherent playlist out of my happy place songs.



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