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Day 208: The Safety Pin Box

Y’all mad that a couple of activists found a way to 1) get allies actively involved and actually helping people and 2) make a bit of money? I thought we wanted allies to be involved and actually help. They ask all the time how they can help, right? I see “allies” on social media all the damn time asking how they can help. They forever wanna know what they can do. Well, here’s your answer.

The safety pin box thing is fucking genius. I’m mad at myself for not thinking of it. Think about it. We have subscription box/home delivery services for everything from razors to clothes to even massage therapists. Why not one for allies? They get ways to actively help people out and be real allies and the activists doing the work get paid. That is fucking genius.

If you can’t afford the boxes, then it’s not for you.They do, however, offer a sample task which you can get for free. If you don’t like the idea, don’t buy one. Don’t sit here and pretend it’s not a good idea though, because it is. It’s a damn good concept and I hope it succeeds.

I think I know why y’all are mad though. It stems from society’s need for activists and artists to be perpetually broke and suffering. Y’all forever want shit revolving around activism (especially when it’s headed by Black women) to be non-profit or free because that way nobody get paid.

You love Black pain and suffering so much. It’s why you’re constantly sharing videos of unarmed Black folks being shot by cops. It’s why y’all pass around pictures of Black death like they’re rare trading cards. It’s why y’all come to Black people sharing the latest bit of triggering news, begging for some type of reaction.

Y’all also love Black labor, but only when it’s free. It’s why you’re constantly hitting people up on twitter asking for commentary. It’s why you’re picking though timelines looking for content to put in your articles and term papers. It’s why you make fun of tumblr on the timeline, but in you’re spare time you’re plagiarizing tumblr blogs in an effort to look “woke”.

So two Black women come up with a way to help allies (which you claim to want) and make a little change and it sets you off. Why? Because it goes against every single fucked up thing you believe in. You want Black women to suffer while they work for the cause. You want Black women to work “for the love of it” while you’ll happily pay your white faves out the asshole to speak about their white guilt.

Long story short, if you got the extra change, hand your money over to these women and learn how to be an actual ally. If you don’t like it, don’t buy one. I better not never hear you say that nobody is helping allies or you don’t know what to do.



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