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Day 218: Stop coddling men.

I feel like a lot of feminists are so focused on getting people to like them, that they’re failing on the whole “fight for women” thing. On some level I understand needing to have some people on your side, but mainstream feminism (in my humble opinion) takes it too far. This is especially true when it comes to men. They really want male approval so bad.

Letting known abusers cook because “omg so feminist”, starting movements centering men, listening to men who repeat verbatim what women say over the actual women who said it first… Like, y’all need to get your priorities straight.

There ain’t no need to tell men 20 times that feminism benefits them too. That shit has been done before, repeatedly. Let them look for that on their own. If we gotta do work, make them do twice as much.

If you constantly treat men like babies, they’ll never grow up. Let them be big boys and do some research by themselves.  If they can’t get on the train with everyone else, oh well. That bitch is pulling out of the station with or without you. Pick one.



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