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Day 219: You don’t know me.

I’m going to speak about something that’s happened to me countless times that I cannot stand: People thinking they know your whole life based off of your social media posts.

I’m tired of people thinking that social media is the end all, be all of people’s lives. Twitter, tumblr, Facebook, etc., is only a small fraction of what people do. We are letting you see what we want you to see. You don’t see everything someone does. You don’t hear about everything someone does.

Just because someone isn’t talking about any and every damn topic there is, that doesn’t mean they don’t care. Just because someone doesn’t talk about the donations they’ve made, that doesn’t mean they’re not making them. My broke ass anonymously donates to causes and people all the damn time. I don’t talk about that on here though.

Why don’t I talk about it? Because you don’t need to know it. It ain’t ya business what I do with what little bit of money I got. Not everyone wants to publicly broadcast who they’re donating to and how much they’re donating. Not everyone has the time and/or energy to talk about every single current event or tragedy under the sun. Jesus tap dancing Christ! Let people live!

Like it or not, every single one of us has crafted a public persona. Some are good, some are bad, some are sloppy, some are not. My public persona is Loud Mouth Broke Bitch with an Attitude who Loves Games and Music. My public persona could also be Loud Mouth Broke Bitch who Talks about Mental Health and Fatphobia A Lot.

In reality, I’m going through some shit. A lot of shit. You don’t know about that shit because I don’t want you to know. The same goes for other people on here. They got shit goin on in their lives that they don’t mention here because they don’t wanna. Doesn’t mean they don’t care about Topic Number 875, they just might not have the mental capacity to handle it at the moment. Long story short, stop acting like you know every fucking thing about a person just because they’re on social media.



I'm a simple single mom living a complicated life.

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