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Day 222: Men are trash.

Remember how I said that white people are racist, but they’re different degrees of racist? The same goes for men.

Men are trash. They’re just different degrees of trash.

Some men are trash, know they’re trash, and wanna stay trash because they think it’s cool. There’s little to no hope of changing those men. You just gotta chalk that up as a loss and avoid.

Some men think they were trash, but since they voted for Hillary and wear a “this is what a feminist looks like” shirt all of a sudden they’re not trash. That’s the “male feminist” trash. They use feminism’s language as an attempt to get in women’s pants. They’re abusive as fuck in their private lives, but White Feminism lets them cook because “omg, they believe women should vote!” To be honest, they’re the trashiest trash of all. Stay the fuck away from those men if you can.

Then there are the men who know they’re trash, but they try to actively work against being trash. They’re trying to reduce, reuse, and recycle themselves into something useful. This is kinda rare, but it happens.

So yeah, men are trash. They just gotta figure out what degree of trash they are and work their way out of that.

While we’re talking trash, men, do remember that women are not your trash collectors. Look to other men for that job. Women got enough shit to deal with. We can’t be expected to clean y’all up too. There are men doing the work. You just gotta look.

I know some women are gonna push back against this because they’ve gotten used to the trash collector role and think it’s their place. They’ll also push back because “omg, you’re a misandrist!” Nah son. Misandry is a joke to me. I don’t care enough about men to hate them. I care about my kids, I care about my mom, I care about myself, and my mental health. That’s the only shit I have room to care about.

So dudes, work towards not being trash, okay? The landfills are getting full. It’d be nice if we could clear some of that shit out.



I'm a simple single mom living a complicated life.

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