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Day 224: Talking Mass Effect (again)

Spoilers ahead for the Citadel DLC in Mass Effect 3

You know what always bugged me about the Citadel DLC for ME3? The whole clone thing. After being brought back from the dead and questioning her own existence in game, it’s not the kind of thing Shepard would take lightly, at least for me. Here’s how I think that last fight went down for my Shepard.

tumblr_n5uw7ecasm1qilfa1o3_500To say this moment was hard for Shepard would be a drastic understatement. She spent weeks after she “woke up” wondering if she was really “Shepard”. She didn’t start feeling human again until the scarring that showed her cybernetics went away. Standing there watching someone who looked just like her say that Cerberus did the one thing she feared they did snapped what little bit of composure she had left.

The crew could immediately tell from the threats she issued and the voice she used to issue them that Shepard was not playing around. They kept a light, joking tone over the comm hoping that it would keep Shepard from dwelling too much on exactly what they were doing and who they were chasing. It worked, for a while, at least until they got stuck in the vault. It was in that moment, Kaidan and James learned the real reason why she got the nickname “Butcher of Torfan”. The look she gave and the threat she issued shook Brooks and the Clone to their core. Kaidan worried about Shepard and what this situation was doing to her. James hoped Brooks and the Clone would be smart enough to just disappear and forget the plan they cooked up.

Shepard didn’t say a word after telling Glyph to release her and the crew. Her silence spoke volumes. When the rest of the crew caught up to them, they were all more than a little bit afraid of her (even Wrex, though he’d never admit it).

James and Kaidan watched as she took out the mercs on her ship with ruthless efficiency. They said nothing as she kicked the clone off the open shuttle bay door. Kaidan was there to stop her from shooting Brooks in the back of the head and James was there to stop her escape. Later that night, once the debriefings were done and they were back in the apartment, Kaidan was there to hold her while she cried and James was there to calm her down with a few of his stories and lots of good food.



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