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How To Apologize

Let’s take a second to talk about apologies. A lot of y’all use that word but have no idea what you’re talking about. When you hurt someone and apologize, your apology should not center around you and how bad you feel. This isn’t about you. If you’re apologizing to a person, your apology should focus on them and how you won’t hurt that person again. Also, if your apology has “I’m sorry if you” or “I’m sorry you were” in it, you’re probably doing it very wrong.

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Lady Gaga Didn’t “Teach” Beyoncé How to “Bring America Together”

The Independent Journal Review published an article titled “Lady Gaga Just Taught Beyoncé How to Really Bring America Together with Epic Halftime Show“. I took issue with not just that, but something buried within the article itself:


That combined with the arguments over who had the better political statement in their performance drove me up the wall. What follows is my attempt to parse through the mess to find out what really irks my nerves.

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Roommate Horror Story

Gather round kiddies and let me tell you a tale of one of the worst roommates in the history of ever.

So, the first time around in college, I did the traditional college experience. (I went in right after high school and lived on campus.) Little ol’ freshman me gets a sophomore (maybe junior, I can’t remember but I know she was older than me) roommate. I thought she was cool, but it turns out she was extremely inappropriate. I have multiple stories on how, but I’ll focus on two.

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