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Rachel Dolezal’s “Blackness” is Bullshit

But you (hopefully) knew this already.

So Rachel Dolezal is back in the news and it reminded me of something she said years ago. Remember when she claimed that she was “Black” for survival? I sure do and it’s still insulting as all hell. Her whole Blackface life was (is) supposedly about “survival”. How’s that working out for her now?

Being an Actual Black Girl in the US, and seemingly everywhere, can get you killed. Being an actual Black girl in this country means that I have a god damn panic attack every time I see a police car in my rear view mirror. Being an actual Black girl means I have to brace myself against attacks from both inside and outside of the Black community.

Being an actual Black girl means knowing that the field of gynecology was based on the experimentation of my Black girl ancestors. Being an actual Black girl means knowing that no matter what I do, I have to deal with this shit for the rest of my natural life.

Rachel Dolezal can wash out that perm (or take off that wig), stop spray tanning, and go back to living her Nice White Girl life with all privileges in tact. She’d probably be celebrated for playing the Black girl act for so long and get a book deal where she’d write about what it’s like to be Black. This woman took Halloween Blackface to new, unprecedented levels. Not only that, she managed to pervert the meaning of transracial and piss off the transgender community while doing it.

Actual Black girls don’t get the “luxury” of wiping away our Blackness. We are Black from the day we’re born to the day we die and nobody will let us forget it. Wonder Bread Bitch  put on a Black girl costume for “survival.” Actual Black girls are out here getting killed for being Black girls.

This ain’t a game. Wonder Bread Bitch DOES NOT get to play Black for shits and giggles. For all of you worthless ass motherfuckers defending her and dismissing the hurt, pain, and RAGE actual Black girls are feeling right now? You. Are. Hurting. Us. You are participating in the erasure and humiliation of Black women and girls.

You are doing real fucking damage and we have every single right in this world to be angry. You’re tired of us talking about this? Well we’re tired of being erased and made the butt of your fucking jokes.



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