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Communication in Relationships

I’m still rather annoyed by the time I was told I had a simplistic view of relationships because I expect partners to communicate. I mean, how is wanting people to talk to one another simplistic? Why is that a novel concept when it comes to relationships? I truly believe that simply talking to your partner would solve a solid 90% of relationship problems.

Also, another part of communication is LISTENING. Talk to your partner and LISTEN to them.

“I just don’t know what she wants.” Tell her you’re clueless and LISTEN when she tells you what she wants.

“I just don’t want a relationship right now.” Make sure you tell the people you’re dating/fucking that.

That last one really bugs me. You complain about people getting “clingy” but you never made it known that you didn’t want a relationship.

“I thought they just knew.” Bitch, nobody in here is a mind reader! You have to tell people shit like that.

“I just don’t wanna be with them anymore.” Well, TELL THEM THAT! Stop cheating and open up your mouth and say something!

These conversations suck to have, but it’s better than stringing someone along, breaking their heart, and wondering why they’re pissed. Your ex-girlfriend isn’t crazy. She’s pissed that you made her believe you wanted her when in reality you wanted what she could do for you. Viewing communication as important, no, essential in relationships isn’t “simplistic”.

Communication and trust are, in my humble opinion, the two most important things in a relationship. Breakdown of one can (and usually does) lead to the breakdown of the other. Once those two are gone, what are you left with?

TL;DR: Talk to and listen to your partner. It just might save your relationship, or at least let you know when to end it.



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