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The Mercurian Relationship

Here’s something I’m sick of hearing: “Bisexual people in heterosexual relationships.” That right there is simply not possible. Wanna know why? It’s because we’re not heterosexual. We aren’t straight therefore our relationships are not straight. It’s entirely possible that we’re with a bisexual or pansexual person!

Having a straight partner does not make you or the relationship straight either. Same thing goes for bisexual people in relationships with people of the same gender. Their relationships are not gay. They’re still bi. The whole “you’re in a straight relationship” and “you’re in a gay relationship” thing plays into the “you’re really straight/gay” phenomenon. We aren’t “picking a side” when we chose a partner. WE. ARE. STILL. BI.

Bisexual people in relationships with people of a different gender do belong in LGBTQ+ spaces. That B is there for a reason. It doesn’t stand for bacon or bologna. It stands for BISEXUAL. I’m not saying bi people with folks of different genders face the same or worse problems than people with partners of the same gender. What I’m saying is, we need better language to describe bisexual people in relationships in general. I want to break out of the dichotomous mold of “hetero” and “homo”.

That’s why I like this post so much. I think I’m gonna start referring to bisexual relationships (and maybe attraction too) as mercurian because it’s the only thing that fits. Heterosexual relationships are for straight partners. Homosexual relationships are for gay partners. Mercurian relationships are when one or both partners are bisexual. Yeah, it probably has it’s own issues, but I guess it works for now.



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