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So, I had an idea. A bad idea probably, but an idea nonetheless.

Black bisexual people catch shit from all sides. We get labeled as gay when we come out or told we don’t exist. Black bi men get told they’re the cause of HIV in the Black community because “DL”. Black cishet women are biphobic as all hell (don’t try to deny it). Black bi women are treated as personal sex toys by cishet Black men. Black bi women are also told we’re destroying the Black community because stuff? Reasons? Things? I haven’t really figured it out and neither have the biphobic people in question.

To counter this shitstorm of negativity, I wanted something where Black bisexual individuals could show ourselves being happy and cute because we are. I also want to show all the closeted Black bisexual people and the Black bisexual babies out there that they aren’t alone. We’re out here and we’re here for you.

So, the last Saturday of this month (March 25th), if you’re Black and bi and want some way to participate, use the hashtag #BlackBiBeauty on twitter, tumblr, even Facebook. Post a selfie of you just being happy. Post a pic of you and your partner in love. Show people that we’re still bi no matter who we date. Tell your story about being Black and bisexual. I want to hear and see it all.



I'm a simple single mom living a complicated life.

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