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On the Liberals Currently Laughing at North Carolina

We need to have a talk.

Do I feel sorry for individual Trump voters? No.

Do I feel sorry for the entire states & millions of innocent people they fucked over? Yes.

I’m sick and tried of people trying to get me to feel sorry for Trump voters. They knew what they were voting for. We have proof now that it was racism, excuse me “cultural anxiety”, that caused people to vote Trump.

Trump told people what he was going to do. People, knowing what he was going to do, voted for him anyway. In the process, they fucked over MILLIONS of people and WHOLE DAMN STATES.  Millions of people are being detained and deported because of him. He tried to ban entry to millions of people. His lackeys are going after healthcare and reproductive rights.

How did we get here? Voter suppression and white Trump voters. That’s how we got here. The GOP launched a coordinated effort to disenfranchise the poor, students, and PoC (especially Black people). This is no conspiracy theory. Don’t believe me? Read this.

We tried, oh my Lord did we try, to tell y’all that this was happening. We tried to warn you of the consequences. Instead, what did you do? Your normal shtick of writing us off as a “lost cause” while making fun of us. So when election time came, just like we said, our states, some of which were swing states (NC was one) went red.

Here’s the real kicker, most of them went red by VERY small margins. NC was 50.5% Trump to 46.7% Hillary. That’s close. When you do the math, that’s a difference of only 177,529 votes. That’s how much he took our state by. Like I said, close. My point is, NC is one of those states that went red by a narrow margin. A margin which possibly tilted that way because of voter suppression.

The state GOP (which Dems donated over $10,000 to) fucked us over. Trump voters fucked us over. Voter suppression fucked us over. Gerrymandering fucked us over. They are the reasons NC went red.

Cut to now and  we are recovering from Hurricane Matthew. NOAA estimated that the damage done to the state was around $1.5 billion. The governor requested $929 million. The Trump administration is only giving us $6.1 million. That’s around one percent of what was asked for.

Look at photos of the devastation that hurricane caused and then go back and examine those numbers. Then, when you’re done, I want you to explain to me like I’m TWO how an entire state deserves to suffer because of what the GOP did. Explain to me how people deserve to have their livelihoods ruined because their neighbor possibly voted for Trump.

Your “well, votes have consequences” tweets are NOT funny. They’re especially not funny when we’re talking about an entire damned state struggling to survive under a GOP that don’t give a damn. And do you know what really fucking hurts? You expect the GOP to not give a damn. They only care about themselves.

What you don’t expect is the party that positions itself to be better to start reveling in the fact that your people are suffering. Democrats/Liberals/Leftists, whatever you want to call yourselves, claim to be the moral superior to the Right/Republicans, but look at them. Watch as they laugh and joke and tweet that we deserve the pain, the suffering, the death we get because “your state went red”. You do this and then you wonder “why won’t people vote for us?”

“Why don’t people trust us?”

“Why are they so mean to us?”

Look. At. Yourselves. You think we deserve what we get? Oh no honey. It’s you who deserves every bit of distrust that comes your way.

And that’s me done ranting because I hate you motherfuckers, I really do, and I wish I could punch you all.

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5 Things This Fat Woman Is Tired Of Hearing

“You’re eating yourself to an early grave!”

Okay, first of all, LOL. You sound over-dramatic as fuck.

Second, why is that your business? SPOILER ALERT: It isn’t.

Third, there are so many ways to end up in an early grave. Said ways to end up dead at a young age include:

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