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5 Things This Fat Woman Is Tired Of Hearing

“You’re eating yourself to an early grave!”

Okay, first of all, LOL. You sound over-dramatic as fuck.

Second, why is that your business? SPOILER ALERT: It isn’t.

Third, there are so many ways to end up in an early grave. Said ways to end up dead at a young age include:

  1. Cancer
  2. Car accident
  3. Shooting
  4. Plane crash
  5. Falling accident
  6. Stabbing
  7. Blunt force trauma
  8. Asphyxiation
  9. Drowning
  10. Lightning strike
  11. Shark attack
  12. Suicide
  13. Kidney disease
  14. Flu
  15. Pneumonia
  16. Stroke
  17. Accidental poisoning
  18. Bronchitis
  19. Emphysema
  20. Asthma
  21. STIs

I think you get my point. There are MANY ways to die. Pretty much everything you do is leading you towards your eventual death. We are all mortal. Some die young, some die old. Eventually though, we all end up dead. Every last one of us. Since this is true, there’s no reason for you to obsess over my eventual death. Worry about your own.

Fourth, as a flip side to death, guess what you need to do to live? Eat. Food is necessary for life. You want me to live? Let me eat in peace.

My point is this: Food is necessary to live.  Depriving someone of food just because they have a larger body is a not good thing to do. Most ways in which we die are not under our control. There’s no need in obsessing over another person’s eventual death because it comes for us all. And finally, what I choose to do with my body is none of your damned business so stay in your fucking lane and stfu.

“Have fun trying to get health insurance.”

This is a thing someone actually said to me in regards to being fat.


You’re praising a health insurance system that regards damn near everything as a “preexisting condition” so they don’t have to cover it? You’re doing this because you don’t like fat people? I don’t… Why??? People inadvertently co-sign the most fucked up shit when they’re railing against fat people.

“My tax dollars are paying for your healthcare.”

Well, mine are paying for your healthcare. My tax dollars are also funding wars, bombings, and Republican politician’s paychecks. Our tax dollars go towards a lot of things we don’t agree with.

“You’ll get sick more and end up in the ER and blah blah blah…”

Omg you’re acting like skinny people don’t end up in ERs too. You people are acting like skinny folks are the paragons of health. They get clogged arteries. They have heart disease. They have strokes.

“But it increases risk of ______ disease!”

So do a shit ton of other things. Let’s look at heart disease for a second. Some major risk factors that can’t be changed are: Getting old, being male, being a kid of someone with it, and being a PoC (especially Black). Some other things that increase risk? Smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, high stress levels, and drinking.

A skinny person can do/have every last one of those things on the list and virtually no one would say “but what about heart disease!” I have seen people who smoke a pack a day not get questioned about their health while people rush to question mine because I ate a Kit Kat.

Y’all have got to chill on that. It’s patronizing as fuck when y’all talk down to us and act like you know our bodies better than us. We actually live in our bodies. We go to the doctor in our bodies. We see your stares and hear your comments about our bodies. We know what’s going on over here. Even when something goes wrong and we have to figure shit out again, that’s on us.

Long story short, you people really need to stop. There’s nothing wrong with being fat. No matter what, fat people have always been here and we always will be here. Nobody is “normalizing obesity” by saying this. We’re simply stating facts. Get used to looking at fat bodies. We’re hear to stay.



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