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Heterosexuality Is Not The “Norm”

I believe that straight people do not hold the vast majority they think they have. I recently made this, mostly innocent, statement on tumblr and found out quickly that was a mistake. My little throwaway post somehow made it to Reddit’s r/tumblrinaction and I caught heat from a lot of anti-social justice people. I was called everything from delusional to a r*tard. One charming anonymous person said they’d be happy to read of my suicide in the obituaries. The one that really made me snap was the person who, in the tags of one post, decided to compare me, a Black bisexual woman, to Ronald Reagan.

That was insulting on a number of fronts. For one, Ronald Reagan sat back and watched the AIDS epidemic tear through the gay community and stood silent. He refused to speak the word for years. Then there’s the plethora of things he did to the Black community. The one thing that immediately pops into mind is his and his wife’s part in the war on drugs. As both a Black woman and a bisexual person, it is both insulting and hurtful to be compared to that man.

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