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On The Accessibility Of Your Political And Literary Faves

Hey guess what?

A lot of your political faves don’t appeal to the masses because their writing is horrifically inaccessible. The same goes for those “literary classics” you love to gush over. The writing is just too damn dense. When every other word is some six or more letter SAT word and you have to stop and look up every other concept mentioned? It’s too much.

“You haven’t read [insert author here] so you know nothing!”

Well actually, I probably do know a fair bit about the mechanics of what you’re talking about. I just don’t have the flowery language. Look. Small, simple, easy to understand words are your friend. There’s nothing “stupid” about using easy to understand language.

Taking complicated concepts and boiling them down to something easy to understand is a very good skill to have. Work on it. I see so much of this holier-than-thou, “I’ve read [insert person here], and you should too or you’re dumb” attitude on the left now, and honestly? It makes me want to punch people dead in the fucking face.

Some of us just can’t absorb that shit. The words are too big, it’s too boring, it’s entirely too long, it’s unrelatable, and it’s old as shit. Some of us seriously do not have the time or ability to decipher a PhD level text from your leftist fave. It’s not gonna happen. If you want to get more people on your side, recommend some shit that’s more accessible or break it down yourself. Like I said, breaking complicated stuff down is a skill. A good skill to have. Practice it.

If someone admits that they couldn’t make it through whatever text you feel is “essential reading”, don’t mock them for it. Them not getting through the text doesn’t mean they’re “stupid”. You mocking them and calling them stupid makes you an asshole. Also, a lot of the concepts some of y’all learn about through reading, other people learn about through living. This is especially true for a lot of feminist concepts. We put those in practice in our daily lives long before we have the language to describe what we’re doing or experiencing.

TL;DR: Stop being a elitist jackass and recognize that not everyone has the time or ability to decipher the complicated texts you like.



I'm a simple single mom living a complicated life.

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