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Democrats and Abortion Access

So the Democratic campaign chairman recently came out and said that Democrats would be willing to fund candidates who oppose abortion rights. They are courting so-called “pro-life” Democrats. Isn’t that the exact opposite of what they’re supposed to be doing? Like, are they trying to lose most of their base?

That’s what it feels like, because what the base is hearing, basically, is they’re willing to fund candidates who oppose access to healthcare. Abortion is healthcare, it’s reproductive healthcare, so you want people who oppose a vital form of healthcare. That makes absolutely no sense. Like, I’m no political scientist, but this seems like a very not-smart move.

They’re willing to fund these “prolife” candidates who oppose abortion, but they supposedly get mad when Planned Parenthood is at risk of being defunded. That’s exactly what these “prolife” Democrats want! They align almost perfectly with Republicans in regards to abortion rights and access.

They want to restrict access to abortion. They want restrictive “regulations” put in place for abortion clinics. They essentially want to see these clinics closed. They want 20 week abortion bans. These are all things Republicans want too. If you fund these people and get them into office, you’re essentially handing over votes to Republicans to chip away at Roe v Wade. You’re handing over votes to defund Planned Parenthood. There’s no use in getting mad if and/or when it happens, because you caused it.

I want to know why reproductive health is always one of the first things on the chopping block whenever Democrats want to court new voters or “reach across the aisle”? Why would you throw the healthcare of so many people under the bus? What makes that an attractive idea?

I want better for the Democratic party. I know they’re better than this. They’re supposed to be better than Republicans, they’re not supposed to follow in lock step with them. And that’s what it looks like they’re trying to do.

Now, before you get all angry and type out that tweet, blog post, or tumblr response, keep in mind that nowhere have I said that Democrats are “as bad as” Republicans. What I’m saying is Democrats need to stop trying to court the anti-choice voice and focus on fighting for the rights of all. Fight for healthcare and fight against gerrymandering and other voter suppression efforts. Bust your ass to get people registered to vote. Bust your ass to make sure they get to the polls. Show people that you actually care about their needs and their rights.

In my humble opinion, that is how you win over new voters. Not by saying “hey, maybe we should look for people who are against our supposed core values.” But then again, I’m just a regular girl expressing her opinion on the internet.



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