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My Body Is Not A Fetish

So I know I’m kinda beating a dead horse, but I saw that post from the guy who just loves his wife’s “curvy body” and it got me thinking. Specifically, it got me thinking about the types of men who “love” (love is in quotes for a reason) fat women’s bodies. They fall in a few different categories.

The Revolutionary

First up is what I like to call the “Revolutionary”. He’s usually a “feminist” of some sort and he thinks his “love” of a fat woman is, well, revolutionary. He thinks he’s tearing down the patriarchy and societal expectations all on his own by daring to fuck a fat woman. He’s known for saying things like “I love her in spite of her curves/size”. He’s the king of backhanded compliments. The “fat” woman he usually goes for is actually average size for the US woman, but she’s fat in his eyes because she doesn’t have a body like Gisele B√ľndchen.

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5 Things This Fat Woman Is Tired Of Hearing

“You’re eating yourself to an early grave!”

Okay, first of all, LOL. You sound over-dramatic as fuck.

Second, why is that your business? SPOILER ALERT: It isn’t.

Third, there are so many ways to end up in an early grave. Said ways to end up dead at a young age include:

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Day 195: Drake ruined the term BBW.

It was barely hanging on by a thread before he declared he liked his girls BBW, but I’ll be damned if it hasn’t nose-dived since. Now every man (especially Black men) and some women seem to think that BBW means flat stomach, small waist, big ass, and big breasts. Oh, but it can’t be too big because then you’re just “regular fat”.

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Day 188: Fat men hate fat women.

I want to know why. I’ve noticed this trend a lot over the years. They’ll look like death warmed over, but will be the first to talk shit about a fat woman’s looks and throw around fatphobic insults.

Another thing about fat men was brought to my attention via twitter; they’re they first to complain about being “friend zoned”. Biz Markie made an entire song about being in the “friend zone”. Fat men will whine and complain about skinny women putting them in the “friend zone” and turn around and talk about how they’d never get with a fat girl.

Is it self hate mixed with misogyny? They hate being fat and they think everyone else should to and they also hate women, so the vitriol gets directed at fat women.

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Day 179: Acceptable vs Unacceptable Fatties

The world just loves to divide fat people (specifically fat women) into two groups. I like to call them the Acceptable and Unacceptable fatties. Even so-called “body positive” people and organizations do this. I’ve talked about it before but it still makes me angry.

The acceptable fatty has big breasts, a big butt, thick thighs, and a flat stomach. This shape is, most of the time, achieved through the use of waist trainers, Spanx, and other body shapers, but that doesn’t matter. Well, it doesn’t matter until you take it off and then they feel “fat-fished”. (It’s like catfishing but for fat people.) In short, the acceptable fatty is the fuckable one. They make cis men’s dicks hard so they’re desirable.

The unacceptable fatty is just fat. She’s funny shaped fat. She may have a flat butt, big stomach, and/or small breasts. This one doesn’t make the majority of cis men’s dicks hard, so she gets the brunt of the ridicule. She’s the one who gets mooed at in the street. She’s the one who can’t find anything that fits her properly in the store. She’s the one who receives most of your “but your health” trolling and she’s the one who becomes a fetish.

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Day 138: Teespring Size Limitations

While bored and dicking around on Teespring, a question popped into my head. Where is the Teespring for fat people? Where’s the Teespring for XL or XXL and up?

That’s something that I really think is necessary. I wanna make shirts for my fellow fat people. I’d love to make a “Fat, Loud, & Proud” shirt, but it would come in sizes below a XL. I could totally see someone who wears a small buying that for shits and giggles and that would really hurt my heart.

I want us fat people to have a fun little platform that makes shirts just for us. If that exists somewhere, let me know. I’d buy and sell shit from there in a heartbeat. If it doesn’t exist, someone smarter than me needs to get on that and cut me in on the profit. It’s my idea so I deserve a cut.