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Mass Effect: Leviathans

The Leviathans in Mass Effect 3 could have been the ultimate plot twist if they hadn’t been shoehorned in at the end of a piece of DLC. Think about it as if the game were a movie.

The Hero is well on the way to defeating the Big Baddy, but finds out there’s a weapon that can help. The trail is shrouded in mystery, people are missing decades worth of memory, and mysterious threatening messages are being sent from them through people.

The Hero finally tracks them down to a water world that’s littered with shipwrecks and everything is pointing to the bottom of the ocean. The Hero gets down there and finds out that they were the original Big Baddy and they almost got wiped out by their creation. What was their creation? The enemy The Hero is fighting now.

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Day 160: Thinking happy thoughts.

So, in a day filled with bullshit, I decided to think some happy thoughts. Naturally, my mind immediately went to video games. This time it went to a favorite of mime, Mass Effect. I began to think of my three favorite characters, Commander Shepard, James Vega, and Kaidan Alenko. I then began to think about what their friendships or relationships would’ve been like if two certain people had switched places.

What if it was Commander James Vega and Lieutenant Jane Shepard?

What if James was the Earthborn soldier who had to suffer through the hell that was Akuze? What if he got that N7 tattoo on his back after he got the certification but before he was stationed on the Normanday? What if James was the one Nihlus was shadowing, watching to see if he was Spectre material? What if it was James who met Ashley on Eden prime, and he was the one who pulled Kaidan away from the beacon? What if James was the one who had to decide who to save on Virmire?

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Day 139: About Damien Hawke

Oh Damien, how I love you so. I love him so much that, while I’ve played many Hawkes, he is my canon. I wrote out his life story before the blight hit and it’s (in my humble opinion) one of the best things I’ve ever done. So here it is, the backstory for Damien Hawke.

My dear Damien Hawke. He led a very interesting life even before the Blight hit and he fled to Kirkwall with his family.

The Hawkes were no strangers to moving. In 9:18 Dragon, when Bethany and Carver were just six years old, Bethany showed signs of magic for the first time. They were living in West Hills and all the children were playing outside. Damien was a very outgoing child and always had a large group of friends. Carver wanted to be just like his big brother and always tagged along behind him.

Bethany on the other hand was a quiet child. She was content to simply sit in a field of flowers and enjoy the fresh air and quiet. Some of the neighborhood trouble makers had come by to bother her on this particular day. She got so mad from the teasing that tiny sparks shot from her fingers and shocked the little boys. They immediately pegged her as a mage and ran off to tell their parents. Bethany ran home as fast as she could to tell her father, Malcolm, what had happened. They immediately packed up everything they could and moved to Honnleath.

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Day 125: Another Story Idea

This one is for fanfiction though. It’s an idea I’ve had for a few years now. It would be an attempt to address sexism and racism in the ME universe.

It’s set during the six months Shepard was locked up. She had kind of a rough day and James suggest that they watch a movie to take her mind off the bs. She’s looking through titles and comes across one made after the SR-1 blew up that’s supposed to be about her life.

She thinks it’ll be funny to see, but James doesn’t think it’s a good idea because he’s already seen it and he knows how bad they fucked some shit up. But Shep gets her way and they watch it and it turns out that the movie is just that Hollywood type racist.

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Day 118: A question about games with customizable main characters.

Why must “Super Heterosexual White Male” be the default character in a promotional materials where the main character is customizable?

You would think that in games where you can make the protagonist literally anyone you want them to be, they’d show a bit more creativity when doing box art or trailers.

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Day 75: Games and Difficulty Settings

One thing I’ve never understood is how snobby people get when it comes to difficulty settings in games. I don’t understand why some people look down on others for playing casual games or playing games on the lowest difficulty setting. I thought the purpose of playing video games was to have fun. If someone plays on the lowest difficulty setting but is still having fun, who are you to judge them?

I get people coming to me all the time telling me that they’re interested in Mass Effect but they’re really bad at shooters. They want to know if the game is still worth playing or should they just skip it because it would be too difficult. I always tell them that it is definitely worth playing. I make sure to stress that if they have to play on casual that is perfectly fine. You don’t have to play on hardcore or insanity mode for you to be considered a “real” fan or gamer.

If you want a challenge, go right ahead and turn that difficulty setting up! If things are too hard for you and you’re not having fun, don’t be afraid to turn it down if you have to. What matters most is that you’re enjoying yourself. In my humble opinion, if you’re not having fun, there’s no point in playing.